A New Way to Game,
On a New Type of Stage

Here you can sign up to be part of the community and be contacted for an event based on your style of gaming.

Try Coaching!

Maybe you feel you aren't a competitive gamer but, you feel you have the knowledge and love for the community. Become a coach and recruit your players. Name your team and coach your team to the championship. Sign up on the site as a coach, get your players to sign up, contact us with your recruits information and we will setup your team in our database.

What We Do

As we venture through the ever changing world of gaming, we climb to become a place of comfort, a stepping stone, and an opportunity for any and all gamers. We exert our energy to provide a place to train, practice and strive for the best possible path to the top of esports. We are all one team and we are here to build esports even bigger than it is today.


To every situation New Age Gaming offers gaming parties you only dream about. Get together with your friends for a birthday, or just celebrate a graduation. No matter what it is you want to get together for New Age Gaming will be the spice in the pot. Enjoy an unforgettable Party today.


Go against other passionate gamers at an attempt to win a cash prize and become a force to be reckoned with. Rather compete online? Tournaments are held both online and in person respectively. But of course this is a spectator sport, so what are you waiting on? Lets win some fame and money.

Corporate Events

Are you a business owner or perhaps a manager of an establishment who wants to treat their employees with a uniquely original day? Or maybe just trying to put together a fundraiser, We will be there to show everyone involved an unrivaled experience of gaming that is finally enjoyable to everyone.


It's here, a chance to become a +.500 team fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Only 1 team standing in your way to become a Championship in your most desired game! Wipe the sweat off your hands because New Age Gaming provides Leagues for the most popular games. Register your team to become the most well known skilled team in your area.

Meet Our Team

"I'm more of the casual gamer, playing RPG's and games similar to my favorite series "Final Fantasy". I have been playing games since the beginning, and have always loved the sense of competition. No matter the skill level, you can never back down from a challenge. You can't win if you don't play!"

daniel graf

- Vice President -

"That feeling of undeniable emotion over the outcome of a match, the way it brings people together in such a controlled competitive atmosphere. The opportunity to contribute to the forging of a sport that nobody thought could happen, This is what I live for..."

James graf

- President -

 "We fight to achieve and we fight for success regardless of the troubles we go through. Growing up competing against others has allowed me to understand competition and to gain a certain respect for the values and lessons it teaches. Gaming is my greatest passion and has always been and will continue to be the reason I am who I am today."

justice graf

- Tournament Coordinator -

"If you are the most skilled person in the room, then you are in the wrong room" Become the best at what you have trained so long and hard to master, This is where you show the world where your passion lies."
Very professional, kept it real. If anyone is into tournaments, I highly recommend them. And thanks again for letting me into the tournament ~Kal
Orion Holiday